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Wiskott’s Palace

The Wiskott’s Palace was built in 1898 according to the design by Wilhelm Werdelmann. The residence has been restored while preserving its original brown sandstone. Its structure is crowned by a high gabled attic. The interiors feature spacious corridors, richly adorned staircases, carved wooden stairs, antique chandeliers, and a magnificent stained glass skylight. The building can be considered one of the best-preserved monuments of pre-war history of Wrocław.
  • Completion: completed
  • Property type: tenement building
  • Function: office-commercial
  • City: Wrocław
  • Location: Podwale 63, 50-010 Wrocław
  • Floors above the ground: 3
  • Usable area: 1,450 m2
  • Amenities: location, spacious office rooms, representative spaces, balconies, parking spaces: